Saturday, January 21, 2006


So, I was in southern Kalifora... "such a wonder, think I'll stay in bed". This a picture that I took of myself that I sort of like. Here is a rant that I created on my train ride from Santa Barbara to San Diego....
Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego:

There has always been a certain mystique to the west coast and as I ramble between these three southern CA cities, typing on my Macintosh, I begin to appreciate the reality and the charm of these places. There is a certain sense of style and I don't mean style in the fleeting fashion sense it is associated with in popular culture. I mean there is a sense of identity that is unique to this place, even though it is largely suburban sprawl. I realize this is self evident, but it bears remarking. It bears remarking because along with this sense of style comes an appreciation for design, don't get me wrong there is still the rampart capitalism that tries to turn a buck and disregards aesthetics and design principles in favor of that quick buck. But I am beginning to see that there is an appreciation for well crafted, well designed, living. It is no surprise that a company like Apple is located here. I look at the train, a simple Amtrak, yet there is a use of plastic and cloth that is not just slapped together, no, it has been meticulously planned to provide some degree of aesthetic pleasure. While the east coast has the monolithic architecture and historical continuity, it also has the disgusting gray squalor of run off and pollution and for me this shows up in simple things like the design (or lack there of) of trains. Riding the Coast Liner, I am struck by the difference, although there is just as much squalor and murk, it seems a little thinner as if mans relatioship with CA was only 150 years old, not 200+. Of course, I have not ventured into LA yet and I know that would deflate all that I am asserting and in fact I am rather underwhelmed having driven by it. There are no monoliths that radiate the prominence of this cultural capitol of the coast. Then again, I am comparing it to NYC and that is literally a comparison of apples and oranges. Actually, that is quite apt, with NYC, it is an apple, you can eat the skin, it is sweet and consistent. Yes it has a good consistent liquidity, that never overwhelms you terribly and is pervasive. While an orange has a skin you must remove first and once you are beyond the pith, there is a rich and juicy center, which is extremely sweet. They both contain the same amount of juice, it is only a different method of extraction that must be applied and to the mouth, which has no juicer only teeth, the distinction is more pronounced. None the less, I feel a romance being kindled and I hope that I have the opportunity to hang for some years on this coast, it has a great deal to offer.


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