Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Computer All Day

The Fremont Monster, doesn't that just make you smile?

Today is the day where I enter the first draft of the score into the computer and create the second draft. The composition is for trumpet, trombone, piano and vibraphone and suspended cymbals. I am half way through and really over the whole "sitting in front of the computer" thing, but then that is why they make wine, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I met with Brian Chin and as the performer he was into it, that is fabulous and make me feel like all this work at least makes someone oustside of my head happy as well. Yeah!!!

The good part about putting the handwritten score into the computer is that I get to listen to music. I have been on a bit of a free jazz bender. I have really been into Jim Black's Alas No Axis. It is an amazing album, I really love the fact that it is on the edge of having a pulse the entire time, yet never does. Well there are brief moments, but for the most part it is continually shifting, quite astounding. I also have gotten into Annie Gosfield's "Blue Serge" off of Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires. A more riff oriented composition (certainly not free jazz, this is through composed) yet the large pallet of sounds keeps drawing me back and it is nice kick back into what is groove oriented in the way that minimalism might be called groove oriented. For me, Annie's music is more varied than the monolithic sound structures that minimalism harkens to ones mind. Fun Stuff.


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