Friday, February 03, 2006

the new red sox

Aproximately 24 hours ago I was on the MT174 from the airpot to downtown Seattle when it was pulled over to the side of the road so the police could be called and a gentleman could be removed. Ah to return to Seattle! Just off the plane and already it is alive. But I digress..... At the begining of that trip I was in Boston and I had to pass through the infamous Logan International Security TSA System, no worries there. As I pass through the metal dtector the security offficial looks at me and asks if I am a big Yankees fan to which I reply, "the biggest in this whole town." Of course I have been to BU and know better, there are actually people in BOS who like the Yankees, but I digress...... At first I thought it just idle chitchat with which the Security Official was amusing himself, but then it dawned on me, that my decrepid beated old red Sox hat belies my underlying irrational mysticism. And that with this new era, that of no reverse curse, it is time to move into the new era and divorce myself from the ties of the past and realize that I can indeed wash the hat and Sox will still win/loose no matter what the charm, the ritual or the alignment of the stars. Well, Mr Security Personel, I submit to you that this could be the case and infact probably is, but it is no where as near as fun. WWJD? He would sell out, cut the hair and go to NYC. What will the rest of us do? What is neccesary! But your point is noted.


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