Tuesday, February 07, 2006

news today

So today is one of those perfect days, where I slept in because I was working all day yesterday and needed the rest and now that the trumpet piece has been finished, well for the first time, I will finish several more times, I can read the news and drink coffee. So here I am sitting outside at a cafe, with no jacket, soaking up the sun (not to much because I wouldn't be able to see my computer if that were the case) and flipping through the times headlines.

#1 "NATO and Protesters Clash in Afghanistan Over Cartoons " - And here we thought that art didn't matter any more and that people wouldn't die for it. Yes it is a bit more complicated, but ultimately people are dying for ideas and images, that sounds far more profound than anything I have scene in the news lately.

#2 "General Motors Cuts Dividend and Trims Executive Pay " - I like this one, they give up several billion in fringe benefits, I'm sure it doesn't even come to a percentage point and they get number three headline, talk about bang for your advertising dollar! Oh and the bit about "changed its health care and pension plans for retired workers." that is where the real savings are coming from and I''m guessing the people who rely on that are far more in need than the execs who will now have to tighten up the old budget in order to fund (fill in with what ever gratuitous behavior you like). But that is America, inherit and you shall succeed.

#3 "Record Sales of Sleeping Pills Are Causing Worries" - This I love, what does it say....well that there are record number of pills being prescribed and that "doctors may be ignoring other conditions, like depression, that might be the cause of sleeplessness." Why would everyone in America be so depressed when we have it all?

Ok this is getting to negative and I am really in a happy mood so I will drop it, but I just love it.

I will put a plug in for Coretta Scott King, while historians will teach you a lot about her, they may overlook that she attended (I never saw that she graduated) the New England Conservatory. Gotta spread the word that NEC has some historical highpoints.

Happy News....
Yesterdays Times "Canada to Shield 5 Million Forest Acres " - Thank good we have the Canadians to save this planet, well politically speaking. Our current elected theocracy is very intent on taking action in the opposite direction. All I can say is go be an eco tourist and support one of the greatest things to happen this year. Yeah for white bears!

And now a picture of Fremont...


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