Sunday, February 05, 2006


Too bad for the Hawks and their 12th dude. Even the donation of one Green Bays greatest coaches couldn't help them. I suppose I should care as I am in Seattle, but it was far more enjoyable to do my dishes and make a really nice dinner. One week left here in Seattle and then back to AK. I am psyched to get back actually, now that my applications are done and it is time to do the sit and wait.
This has been the weekend of toys. It comes on the heals of getting hooked on a PS2 game, which has made me strongly consider getting a PSP. Pathetic, but the game is astounding. I blame Yvonne entirely! I joined Flexcar and had the pleasure of using one this weekend in order to get one of my two new toys, a new cell phone! Yes, I know, the old wone was still not totally dead, but it has been in service for 5 years and is currently held together with packaging tape and has a wonderous safety bingo sticker upon it. But I need more room for contacts and it was begining to give me the "I'm about to die vibe, you better move on before I die." It was a good little phone, and I will miss it, but the new one is small and powerful, which I am sure will help me to get cancer all the quicker! YEAH!!! The other toy was the arival of the Motu 896. I made the aquaintance of Sophia Chen she is a researcher at UCSD in the grad program. She is the dear friend of Yvonne Lee. Sophia and I have had wonderful chats about all matter of cosmic problems, one which was that here 896 was feeling neglected as she had to dedicate her life and time to scientific research. I assured her that I would help her in any way possible and so she has asked me to walk, play and water the 896.... well metaphorically speaking. So, upon returing to AK, I am planning some recording projects. It will be a blast!

In other news, I am in the middle of a piece for trumpet, trombone, piano and vibraphone and I am happy to report that it is getting to the point where it scares me. Which means I am doing something interesting. I am meeting with Brian Chin this week to discuss the work, as he has comissioned it and it is at the stage where we can perfect it. Yeah, I still like working closely with performers to craft a piece that makes them and me happy. Ah, so idealistic.

Questions? Comments? Send them to Krishna, as he is working the front office for me this week.


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