Monday, April 17, 2006


Most people tend to consider human movement as rather sudden and abrupt. While this may hold true on a very local level, it is important to consider the larger type of arcs that we metaphoricly draw as humans. In honor of Bunny Day yesterday my dearest and I went to the edge of Anchorage, where the water meets the land and there is a small strip of road and a parking lot. Here we sat and listened to Delius as large Alaska Airlines aircraft appeared at the horizon and then crept towards us. As I traced their movement, the airplanes that is, it occured to me that this type of movement represents a slower more steady movement of mankind. This is my new notebook. I tend to keep logs of my thoughts, so I thought it à propos to gain an Alaskan Native art design. I really like this one. When I die, make sure to read it.


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