Sunday, April 23, 2006

the team

So in case you own an apple and don't recognize this scene, the "blue screen" reads Windows XP Home Edition Setup : Please wait (45 minutes!!) while Setup formats the partition. And the picture? That is in homage to the helpful "technician" who reads you the instructions off of his working computer while you reformat your non-working computer. Of course, he has a real technician work on his and therefore, his works. The picture is an old black and white of some young gent that I found while at a drycleaners here in Anchorage. Collecting "junk" is difficult in these parts as most people just throw wrappers out the window of their very large trucks (well that and empty beer bottles). None the less, there is very little interesting "trash." And for those of you that don't know, my last apartment in Boston was entirely furnished with things that I found in the "trash." It is a bit of a past time.

So.... Yes I am reinstalling the operating system on my dearests computer. She has write-ups to complete (about 8-10 hours of work each) and a final to study for and oh yeah, she works an average of 85 hours a week (illegal for residents, but not a problem if you are a medical student). Actually, she has had this computer for so long that I am acustomed to reinstalling the operating system, maybe someday she will get an apple?? I doubt it! So, I'm pulling one for the team. Actually, it is kind of fun cleaning that beast off, everytime I do it I am thankful that my computer is in working order.

The other noteworthy computer event has been my discovery of which is allowing me to harness the power of web 2.0! Although, as I discussed with my brother today, there certainly are some privacy issues involved. But having lived a block away from a presidential candidate, I am pretty certain that all of my rights to privacy were thrown out the window some time back and now I am just another uninteresting number for the feds. While artists may be eccentric, their motivation is fairly transparent, bettering the planet and creating a good piece of work in the process. Well that and some food scraps that leak down from above.


Blogger Nathan said...

Long live my Mac! But not too long ago I too lead the PC life. Ahh, Windows XP, my most recent ex...

4/23/2006 08:30:00 PM  

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