Saturday, May 27, 2006

5.25.2006 Playlist KSTK

This would be the
first that came off without a hitch, not bad for number 3! As those of you who listen know, I try to play things that I find around the station, here is a picture of the Childrens Japanesse Album....

I just love it! And now the play list....
1. "Percussion" > Santana, this is off the self titled album that has a black and white cover with a lion
2. "I can Make it with you" > The Pozo-Seco Singers
talking w/ Takeshi Itah under
3. "Soft Jingo" > The Sugarplastic off Bang! The Earth is Round
talking w/ "All or Nothing at All" from Soft Lights Sweet Music
4. "5 Movements for String Quartet" > Anton Webern
5. "Modular Mix Air" > Air
talking w/ Zoot Sims & Tangerine Dream
6. "107 Steps" > Bjork off of Selmasongs
7. "Cat Eats Coyote" > Califone
talking w/ "Now is the Hour" > Hawiann Brass
8. "Ballroom Girls" > Gillian Welch
9. "Sud I" > Jean Claude Rissett
talking w/ "ulahin Sings while Scraping Sago pith" from Bosavi & Harry Belafonte
10. "One Mint Julip" > Ray Charles
11. Gidoya Noza Kimura No Dam" > Shamisen I
12. "Carosel" > Mr. Bungle
13. "TphubonV" > Christopher Jette
talking w/ Gorecki 3rd Symphony & The Readers Digest Collection"That Old Time Religion"
14. All About Childrens Song {{see above picture}}
15. "Morning Bell" > Radio Head from KidA
talking w/ Turdy Point Buck Polka & That Old Time Religion
16. "Kasofim" > John Zorn from Masada
17. "Saloxne" > Christopher Jette
talking w/ Do Wop
18. "Ray of Light" > Madonna from Ray of Light
19. "I wanna be a Cowboy" > Fat Albert and Tock N' Roll Disco
IMPROV >Text from John Cages Silence :: Audio : Dr Who BBC soundeffects, Weather BBC, Bosavi, Central Park in the Dark - Charles Ives, Churchill Funeral
20. "Brown Skin" > India Arie
talking w/ Dr Who & Allied Stereo Demo
21. "Envelopes & Strictly Genteel" > Frank Zappa from the London Symphony Orchestra recording
22. "Don't Let Go" > Asleep at the Wheel
23." VphubonT" > Christopher Jette
talking w/ Hawiann Brass
24. "Following Through" > The Dismemberment Plan
25. "Automatic Music" > Stereo Total
26. "36 Chambers" > Wu Tang Clan
27. "Cities"> Talking Heads
28. "Drag Racing" > Big Stick


Blogger rarrin' said...

sugarplastic to Wu Tang, i don't know how you do it!

5/30/2006 05:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to hear your show finally came off without glitches...mine did too. It'll take me longer to get audio up...but I think you might like the mix...a selection that is likely as nuts as yours. You know, if you learned how to beatmatch I have a feeling that we would be unstoppable. You do know the West Coast is next in the cards.

6/04/2006 05:01:00 PM  
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