Friday, May 19, 2006

KSTK 5.17.06 playlist

So the second radio show had far better paranormal activity than the first. In the middle of LovelyWeather radio, well 20 minutes in, the power goes out. Now I have to remind you that I am alone at thie building, esentially me in charge of NPR for Wrangell! So the power goes out!!

The first thing to happen is Bad Bob calls me. Bad Bob is the computer voice of the signal broadcaster (ie the computer that moniters the watage etc). I worry that I might have to do something for him, but..... I decide to call the station manager who is aware as the power has fone out to for the entire island. He lets me know this is commomn for this time of year. He walks me through attempting to start the backup generator which has a replacment on the way and no dice. So all I can do is sit and wait. After 10 minutespower is back and away we go. So the first part of the show is not recorded as the power went out and minidisk never wrote the material.

Now for the wierd part. DruStylus aka the other 1/2 of LW was supposed to be spinning and the server was down so that radio station was out as well. It seems that LW has the ability to chanel the paranormal frequencies in both digital and analog mediums! Now the play list.......
audio segment 1
1. Econosasaphrus - Musique Concrete by Christopher Jette and Nathan Krueger from the UWO days
2. Some random Gregorian Chant that I found
3. Josquin - "Ave Maria"
4. Thelonius Monk - "April in Paris"
5. Christopher Jette - "Four Piano Miniatures"
6. Rufus Wainwright - "Tower of Learning"
7. Gerard Grisey - "Periodes"
8. Robert Cogan - "America Is"
9. Christopher Jette - "Circle"
10. Biggie - "Hypnotize"
11. John Zorn - "Big Gundown"

audio segment 2

12. D. Pike Raffi - "Baby Beluga"
13. Christopher Jette - "Cat Calla"
14. Mr Bungle - "Slowly Growing Deaf"
audio segment 3
15. Percey Granger Orchestra -
16. Daddy Yankee - "Dale Caliente"
17. Pharoh Saunders - "Yemenja"
18. IMPROV - Thunder and Rain from a BBC sound effect record, Chronochromie of O. Messian and Readings from "What sort of Revolution" The Economist
19. Cecil Taylor - "Jitney No.2"
20. Blackalicous - "Blazing Arrow"
21. Composers Datebook
audio segment 4
22. Ben Fold Five - "Evaporated"
23. Muzikas - "The Bartok Album"
audio segment 5
24. Christopher Jette - "Ripping Bells"
audio segment 6
25. Chrisotpher Jette - "Beatz"
26. Some Kid in Boston MA - "Oops I did it again"
27. Bonnie Raitt - PSA
28. Dimitri From Paris - "Love Love Mode:
29. Christopher Jette - "Chez Dark"


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