Tuesday, October 30, 2007

cSound and Maggie

Today was one of the wonderful days with eleven hours spent in front of the computer creating sound. I am working on creating a series of small yet interesting sounds as a means of exploring command line computing and sound synthesis. The results are below, you can listen and vote for your favorites or download them and make something new from them. These sounds are composite waveforms where I am determining the
relative weighting and amount of overtones, in addition to the amplitude, frequency and temporal length and position. To generate data I began with things like sine waves and saw waves then decided to see what I could invent. I used a very simple equation 1/3+(1*.2) and then repeated that for each of the roughly 10 overtones substituting the result in for the 1 [so it is more like x/3+(x*.2)].I like the way that these look.
I also used the batting averages of the players of the in game one of 2007 World series, creating different wave patterns for the Red Sox and the Rockies. (the Red Sox sounded better and they won!) Here is a picture of the two wave forms that result from the Red Sox -f9- and then the Rockies -f10-

After that I decided that this could be more interesting so I found a formula for the decay of radio active matter which required 3 variables, so I used amplitude for the initial amount of nuclei, pitch for the disintegration factor and duration for the time variable, this made some really great graphs and sounds basically everything after 23 I think. Oh the equation is here
I played with some different distributions and the insertion of 0's in order to make only the odd harmonics sound. Here is what they looked like.

Here are sounds
A mostly complete catalog, there is a definite evolution of sound material and the similarities are interesting. Basically the idea was to create some little sounds for other projects and this is the first step, there are obviously many more to come.

In other news Maggie said her good bye to Anchorage this weekend and is on her way to California. For those of you who listened to my radio show while I was in Wrangell AK, those updates were not in vain, as she is now on her way to the promised land.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sounds... I took the liberty of making a new sound based on your sounds. Please forgive the linear format this dmension limits me to. The future will be bright and sound will be brighter.

listen to the new sounds here. It has the title of t103007:

The other sounds are old, one was remixed by you.

10/31/2007 12:41:00 PM  

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