Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This year I have the honor of acting as a teaching assistant for Curtis Roads and yesterday was a lecture on microphones. (Here is Sonal Atoms by Curtis) He pointed to the fact that in recent times microphones are becoming fetish items, which I found to be an interesting observation, one that I tend to agree with. The lecture about micophones was given while speaking through a microphone (hardly neccesary in a small room, so it was ironicly humorous). But the best part of the lecture are the following quotes

"you hear all this, that is handeling noise"
as the microphone crackles away


"That was when in order to use a synthesizer you had to wear a suit and tie, those were the good ol'days."
speaking about this picture, while playing this in the background (make sure to listen to a bit! this is fabulous)

THe entirity of this album and more about it are here

When I met Brad Garton at Columbia we sat in his office where the synth that you see in this picture is still bolted to the floor.


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