Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I just finished doing some convolution of granular material that I created in cSound and I must say that I am impressed. It actually sounds pretty good. This will not come across with computer speakers!
Take a Listen

Not fabulously profound, it is not a bad little sketch.
Title = GrainVolves

I should be clear. I created the grains from 2 portions of a recording that I made in Haines Alaska. (you only hear about 2 seconds total). The original Granular Track sounds like this (I like the texture bit at the end - more to explore). Then I convolved it with various Impulse Responses found online, here. If you like the material make something with it, if you want more let me know I have 15 odd versions.

As if that wasn't enough I clicked on the link at the top of my blog and this is what came up.

"Let me explain…"

Jack Fur
Medical Researcher

My name is Jack Fur for the last 18 years; I have worked as Medical Researcher, Writer, and Speaker.

I have been involved in the development of over 100 pharmaceutical drugs, dietary supplements, and medical foods for companies I am sure you have heard of, and they have made millions from my research.

I’ve read over 300 books, medical journal articles, and reports about Tinnitus. I’ve interviewed 16 experts, doctors, researchers, and severely affected Tinnitus patients.

PLUS, I have attended countless seminars, conferences, and conventions, all to become America's #1 Tinnitus Expert.

Wow, he has read over 300 books! Wow.


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