Thursday, December 06, 2007

Vincent Royer

So today I did sound dispersion for Vincent Royer who is a violist/composer from France. Trick of it was that I did not know about it until and hour before the concert and the sound files needed a couple of edits! It was fun and I believe that it sounded good. Really a genuine and enjoyable person and a very good performer, it was very enjoyable. It was great to encounter a performer so dedicated to Spectral music, as I have had an interest in this style for years, it was great fun and it was my first gig as the "sound guy." Well I am actually a member of the United Auto Workers Union, so I guess it is fitting in a way to be the Sound Guy. The program consisted of four pieces and his discussion and perspective on these pieces.
Giacinto Scelsi Coleocanth

Giacinto Scelsi Manto II and I

Robert HP Platz Leere Mitte 2004

Horatiu Radulescu Itimate Rituals 2003

Then when i got home and was relaxing I found this.....

I don't believe there is a connection.


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