Saturday, September 05, 2009


I have been exploring generative strategies to mix and extend various sound files, one of which is generative and one which is hand made. The core of my interest came from reading about some about auditory cues and considering the notion of dividing the frequency space and then delaying these divisions. Here are the results
The file that is being processed is something that I made with a generative patch 2 years ago when I was first learning Max/MSP.


The sound file here is a granulation of some twigs scratching. After generating several versions, I pulled these together in Logic to clean up the rough edges.


Christine reminds me that it is almost time for the 9.9.09 blog (part 2, as I thought happened last month, as I have a habit of not knowing the number of the month at all times). I should note though, this is the 9.6.09 blog....


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