Tuesday, March 02, 2010

in vitro oink video

in vitro oink from christopher jette on Vimeo.

in vitro oink is a composition by Christopher Jette for piano, electronics (both precomposed and generative) and wii controller. Keith Kirchoff is the performer in this video and the person who commissioned this piece.

The performers movements are tracked by the wii controller and this data is used as a basis for generative material. The piano part is derived from an analysis of the small granular sounds that are the building blocks for this piece. The title is a reference to the event in November 2009, where scientists from the Netherlands created meat in the lab, from living cells. This composition is roughly 13 minutes in length (12:42 in this performance) and varies from performance to performance.

www.cj.lovelyweather.com :: www.keithkirchoff.com

in vitro meat : the wiki entry


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