Friday, March 05, 2010

More Sonificiation Studies

These are mock ups of the Four environments. Unfortunately it was not possible to capture the audio and video with the same software so the video and audio were captured separately and then placed together. This means that the synchronicity is not true to life. These are meant to provide an example so that critical discussion can occur.

PHOTO_TOSS Environment
- like PACKING in architecture. The streams associated with each photo is constant. I feel that the ability to localize a sound (in connection with the image) is undermined by the multiplicity of images/streams. To counteract this I am contemplating putting a more noticeable spike in amplitude at the beginning of the photo/streams existence. This high density may also be causing modulation (although I can not say for certain yet, it may also be to much weight on the DSP chain). So I am considering means of thinning the amount of sound (one plan is to decrease the amount based on presence of the image).


PACKING Environment
- like PHOTO_TOSS in architecture. I have entirely ignored the words as the are radically different than images, but I may simply address them as I address sonifying images. The stream of grains are presented with a high degree of asynchronicity, therefore the individual stream of grains associated with each photo is interrupted more frequently.


- like FIREWORKS in architecture. This is not as stable as I would like in terms of the program, so I have been concerning myself with that.


FIREWORKS Environment
- like SURROUND_PHOTO in architecture. here there is greater unpredictability in the system for grain creation (which means greater pitch, dynamic and timbral range) and the base sound is different.


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