Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Post-May report 1

This was my first International Computer Music Conference and it was really quite fun and interesting. A lot of great papers, some really compelling works (and some that I simply hated) and most importantly, from my perspective, a large diversity of works and approaches. I had the good fortune to run into several old friends and make a few new ones. Can't wait for next year. It was kind of interesting having it split between NYC and Stony Brook. It certainly made logistics for the organizers and the attendees a bit more complicated, but it certainly mixed things up a bit which kept it interesting.

My friends Julien and Krista put this together and presented it at ICMC 2010, the portion of which that was in Stony Brook.

Fit into the crowd from Julien-Robert Legault Salvail on Vimeo.

At ICMC Salman Bakht and myself presented LovelyWeather.

This can be explored @
In addition to presenting this as an installation at ICMC, we also had a demo session. Got some great feedback and really enjoyed the week.


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