Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thrilling Thriller

I am working my way through some papers in order to put together a component of my dissertation. The idea is to consider the technology that I used for InVitroOink and contextualize it in the field. The current paper is on the "User Experience" ( Hassenzahl, M., & Tractinsky, N. (2006). User Experience - a research agenda [Editorial]. Behavior & Information Technology, 25(2), 91-97.). User Experience can generally be defined as considering product design beyond the purely work related usability paradigm of design. Simply put, this is the why of why people buy Ferrari's when a Geo will get them to work.

Reading through the article I came across an example in the experiential component of the paper that caused me to reflect on my role as an artist. First the example. "Consider the difference between 'a mystery thriller on one’s bookshelf ’ versus ‘being awake all night because of the thrilling story, which unfolds while reading’." This example reminded me of Bob Cogan mentioning that he loved to read mystery novels. I thought it an odd thing to say at the time and it has stuck with me over the years. I find different ways of understanding this statement again and again. Tonight as I read this paper, I consider the excitement of mystery novels and of Bob's work and the similarity is apparent. It also helps to focus my attention in my own work, the notion of excitent and the peaks and valleys of this arc is what keeps one engaged, be it music or literature.

I also came across a project called Gustbowl. When I can create something so relavent and engaging that is aesthetically motivated I will be thrilled.

Here is the song that has been stuck in my head and I worked through learning today.

another version


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