Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cloud Sonification

I am starting a new project sonifying clouds, this is a collection of sketches and ideas. This is being built in conjunction with a class taught by Sasha Leitman and Trimpin at Stanford.


Here are some notes on the design sketch
1. possibly use peek~ , jit.peek~
2. Will have to read each line, convert each sample value as the amplitude of the grain associated with it.
3. DATA reduction:: could average little clusters of sample values to change the resolution of the camera focus.. or maybe just change the size of the matrix!!!! duh
4. hearing what the camera is seeing
5. make a grain poly

the question is how to sonify a video matrix

- people could disturb the streams, choose water or clouds (hence up or down) -- how diffuse water, maybe have fans that suck up and down -- people could control the suck direction (either or)
- will altering the side blowing be interesting? not just a vortex
- lighting can change, this could be interactive
- motion sensor controls cloud generation
- grain waveform could be reactive (interpolate between different waveforms?)

- 4 cameras facing the center, each projects sound into the center of the room (means 8 speakers)
- use box with open front? have all sides open? (this is a problem for the camera)
- dynamic lighting? (changes what is seen) what are the easiest lights for this (LED with reflectors?)
- can have a series of little moveable fans so that people can control them (interact)
- could use 8 speaker (2 stereo sets) or a ring

-how sculpt clouds? several main sources channel the air to arrays of pinholes

- grain poly has different waveforms in drop down menu, (interpolate between different waveforms?)
- grain amp = presence of cloud
- grain waveform = ?
- grain rate = presence of cloud? low amplitude and low rate for almost nothing -- talk to Bjoren about granular issues (artifacts of so many grains? like FM?)


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