Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some New SuperCollider Ideas

Above is an image that I created on my phone while waiting for a concert to start at UCSB. It was a player piano concert and featured a work by Luke Thomas Taylor in support of his Qualification Exams. It was a very good and a very Luke piece. The drawing is a procedural drawing app where I build and erase layers. It is conceptually similar to this audio, only more free. Maybe the audio will be more free in a few days...

I have been remaking the same patch/audio program for 3 or so years on and off. This is my latest installment of an approach to granulation that affords me the automated control I wish. This version is made in SuperCollider (others have been in MaxMSP). What is significant in this latest iteration is that there are 4 short sounds that are repeated over and over and the what changes is the granulation. The sounds are passed through a series of 50 bandpass filters and are granulated with a rhythmic series that is ties to each of these granulations. The pattern starts together and spreads out before conforming again. Each of the four sounds have unique control parameters (actually they are regions that continually shift).They are sort of like step sequencers that move through a series of filters. I am happy that I was able to construct this so simply and elegantly after all these years of thinking about it. Also, there are some interesting sounds that I rather like.



I like this one best.....

and the idea applied to Roy Orbison.....


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