Thursday, June 09, 2011


One habit I have is putting a picture on most posts. This picture is from last weekend when we were sailing in SF Bay and spent the last night at the San Francisco Marina before it was closed for renovations. This Marina shares space with the Golden Gate Yacht club that will be hosting the Americas Cup in Two years.
The power of habits in the life of the creative individual. This will be my point of contemplation next week as I travel in Amsterdam. Here is a good quote from the commencement speech at Ringling
Habits are powerful - people don't realize how powerful habits are, and how much of their success or lack of success in life is attributable to sheer habit. Be aware of your habits, and what is turning in from an occasional to a regular thing, and what are the regular things that you don't even think about any more, because they are so habitual that they have become invisible. Down to the very basics: how much and when do you sleep, what you eat, how you sit, whether you walk or bike or drive. When and where do you get your best ideas? What sorts of activities and conversations leave you feeling happier and smarter? What do you continually do that leaves you feeling demoralized. Be mindful of your habits. Make them intentional.


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