Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Derivative work including Electropology

Keith Kirchoff and I have done some derivative works with my set of piece entitled Electropology. I just received the following email that describes the latest installment. This work uses material from myself and Roberto Morales.

Hi Roberto & Christopher:

Last week, flutist Solomiya Moroz and I gave a short concert at OpenSound in Sommerville, MA. For our final piece, Sol improvised on flute and I controlled the electronics. All of our electronics were taken directly from Contortions and Electropology; Sol was mic'd, and I controlled the wiimote. At various points, I began interspersing parts of Electropology. The recording isn't well mixed (there was only a zoom mic), but it gives you both an idea of our re-imagining of your two pieces.

AUDIO of Contortions + Electropology


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