Monday, January 23, 2012


The mathematical concept of a 4-dimensional cube is much more simple than getting an imagination of 4 dimensional space. Some might argue, that it is impossible to imagine 4-dimensional space because of it does not exist. Others might say, it's because our brains are not made for this. But what would happen, if we would discover a 4-dimensional space suddenly? Were humans able to learn how to navigate in there? Would they start to develop imaginations of it?
The cybernetic scientist Heinz von Förster describes an experimental setting to investigate such questions. Following his thesis according to the 'radical constructivism', human brains - and so the minds - are able to learn any kind of sensomotoric invariant and create a reality out of it. They do not recognize the world, as a 'naive realist' might claim, but they construct it by interaction.
This viewpoint leads to two assumptions:
There is no fixed 3D capability of the brain, so we might be able to live in a 4D world.
We create a 4D reality much faster if interaction is involved
So it might be possible to get an imagination of 4-dimensional space, but probably not by looking to the rotating blue-green cube on this page, but by interacting with it. Try it out here



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