Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 production 1 and context

This will display an animated GIF AUDIOcordian The audio takes a moment to start (big fade in eh?). The audio is a SuperCollider program that I made today that uses a 1st order Markov chain to play the accordion. It is a rather simple 2 part texture with some processing to extend it and some real time mixing on my part of tuning and panning randomization. The higher part reminds me of Shepard tones. The tuning system is "overtone" tuning in Kontakt 4, which I think works rather well for the samples. I was looking through some videos that my sister sent me of the little guys and thought this bit made a nice companion piece. So I learned how to make an animated GIF. Which the OED just made the "American Word of the Year." (2012 that is). I was just reading about Earth Angles of Darkness, Demons of Light. I suppose that is why I spent the last couple hours making this GIF. The audio is from earlier today. I needed something to listen to while I packed the boat up. SO I knocked out the code and let it play for a few hours, tweaking occasionally as I saw fit.


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