Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Russian Commercials 1980's

This is an astounding collection of imagery. The evolution of style, the composition and the purpose.... There are so many great moments. As a whole it is a cohesive body of work, there are moments that are transcendent.... "LET YOUR CHILDREN BE BORN ALIVE". You can feel the precision with which the acting is extracted. I really enjoy the group dancing and vegetable commercials. Part PSA, part chauvinist glamour sales. There are occasionally non set pieces that seem to be coming from a more realist school. The use of more folksy looking people reinforces this. Why do they re-record American pop songs? There is a choice made on every aspect and still the seems show. Again, I am so intoxicated with the imagery, pacing and compositional choices. It is worth putting this information that comes from the BoingBoing post where I learned about this.
In 1967, Estonia was founded the creative association "Reklamfilm Estonian / Eesti reklaamfilm" - the only one at that time in the Soviet Union studio, specialized in production kinoteleradioreklamy and "representational" commercials on the orders of the enterprises of trade, industry, services and amenities, colleges, vocational schools , traffic police and other organizations in the Soviet Union, this company for the production of television commercials was the work of a new and at that time quite bold. But among Estonian documentary was a very energetic person - Eedu Ojamaa. It was he who was able to implement such a complex idea in the USSR State Committee for Cinematography. "Estonian Reklamfilm" soon became the largest advertising company of the Soviet Union. He released a year nearly 350 commercials, and also created a lot of documentaries. The company has been amended in Leningrad and Moscow and Riga branch of executed orders for the Union. Among the customers were and Finnish companies. Until 1992, the "Estonian Reklamfilm" took more than 6,000 commercials and movies. It is clear that under socialism, the absence of private ownership and competition television advertising had a slightly different look and pursued a very different purpose. The director, advertisers still did not have the strict limits and constraints, which are now exhibited customers promotional TV program. So they used all their creativity to create a bright memorable quality product. For objective reasons, most subjectively and commercials, produced by the company, did not survive. This anthology - a collection of the private collection of Harry Egipta - a former director and screenwriter "Estonian Reklamfilma", called his colleagues "Norshtein advertising" for unusual associative moments in his work similar to the work of the author of "Hedgehog in the Fog". Credo Egipta in television commercials - catchy individual style fast in those days "video clip" assembly, original music and songs, and of course, beautiful women!


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