Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Toy Piano Envelope Follower

ToyPF with Envelope Follower 

I was pretty obsessed with the envelope follower as I was using it to smooth out some video. I couldn't resist creating some audio though. I took some toy piano material and made this little experiment and then a quick mix. It need to be trimmed down to something a little shorter I believe, but there are some great moments. While this won't likely make it into the toy piano piece I am working on, it is a fun little sketch. I took the various layers of envelope following and mapped some to a sine wave, a filter and just to itself. This was then rendered and notched in two auxiliary tracks where one was outside the range of the toyPF and used resonators to shape the space, the other was within and was processed to bring out some of the interesting artifacts. Finally a raw version of just toy piano was added, with an aux track using a very long and low level convolution reverb to open up the space a bit. The mixing is very quick and not precise enough, but still I find it fun to listen to.

I found this great tutorial on Envelope Following in the cycling 74 wiki. Very useful page I hadn't come upon. 


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