Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ordered Table : in progress

A piece for Toy Piano that has a fixed accompaniment. There is a great deal more to tighten up and some rewriting of the toy pf part that will happen. But I wanted to make a note of it at this stage. I was noticing today that with every large or small pile of things on a surface there is an order. That could be the result of usage patterns, or simply the eye of the viewer imposing. Not a hierarchy, but a strategy reflective of some input, within and beyond the perceiver.
Ordered Table - Toy Piano with Electricity

Now if I can figure out how to read the image of the byte code at 44100 lines per second, I think I will find something interesting. Ok, couldn't resist. Here are two iterations of the image as sound file. This reads the image you see as a greyscale from top to bottom. That this image only represents a very small fraction of the entire byte code means that what is heard is a percentage of second that has been slowed down, thus producing a very rich bass tone.


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