Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Lassus Project

The day began with transcriptions of the Lassus 2 part Motets (considered didactic, but decidedly idiosyncratic in their unique leaning toward style, not generic counterpoint). Having transcribed Beatus Vir and then sung and played (on violin) both parts. I moved on to other tasks. Later in the day it was off to the library to read about the life, times and music of Lassus. The idea in my mind (from reading Umberto Eco writing about his own process and the Design Interaction outlined in the video of the previous post) I am endeavoring to design the architecture and aesthetic of my orchestration of Lassus. Having read for several hours I began the walk home. On the way back magical alignment asserted itself. I paused to listen to a choir rehearsing 16th century polyphony in the chapel here on Stanford campus. The cool breeze set the tone as the harmonies unfolded. The sun completing it's showing for the day and a rich perfume scenting the air, I became transported in time and aesthetic place. Still very much in the present, but also in the 16th century, three white robed monks walked across the main square. As I watched, listened and drank in this feast of the senses, the architecture of the piece began to form in a nebulous sense. I continued my walk and one of the robed initiates asked if I knew where such and such building was. I replied that I did not, but where is it relative to other things I might know? He recounted an address of 520 Lasuen... Close enough for m poetic sense I thought.


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