Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This blog began in Anchorage AK, the year that we lived there. The circle is closing somewhat as we begin the trek north. Yesterday was Palo Alto to Jacksonville OR and today we plan to hit Seattle. Then on the ferry in Bellingham WA and off in Haines AK, where another drive will bring us back to Anchorage. I am stopping at each degree of latitude as we go north and making a recording, noting the lat/long, time and any other random things that are intersting. Turns out that the Oregon/CA boarder is at 42 degrees north (at lease where I-5 crosses it). I am also snapping a few pictures to visually indicate the place. When I get a chance I am planning to remake the piece I started on the last drive north, translating the recorded material into notation and orchestrating it. It will end up a series of vignettes I think. I also am contemplating an electroacoustic piece that uses the material... hmm we shall see once I arrive. This selfie is similar to the one posted in the first blogpost, so I've included it. The first image is from San Diego and my brothers couch. This image is from WI on my sisters couch. We were in WI for Christmas and it was an amazing white Christmas with lots of sledding and even a trip to Balistreri's Pizza. That is where we went on Friday nights when I was young and we lived in Wauwatosa. I also ended up with 4 hours to walk about the old haunts of my youth. More to come from that adventure.


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