Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall Cherry Brew

A week of sailing in SF has returned me to Anchorage in a good relaxed state. The boat is in good shape, so time to make some beer. THis is batch number 3 (1 was a Belgian Ale, 2 was a an English Bitter - the Belgian was great and there is only one left 3 weeks on while the bitter is not as good, but still rather drinkable). Tonight's' brewing adventure was the Kriek cherry. It is safely tucked away in the carboy fermenting away and we shall see what the future holds. Summer is wrapping up and it rather fabulous to be experiencing fall for the first time in years. I suppose a week in the 80's threw my body off, but the shift to night time temps in the 30's is really a change. It is strange that the sun is now setting around 9:30PM, it feels so early for the sun to go down. Well that will all change once the snow arrives.


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