Sunday, January 06, 2008

Odds and Sounds

Remembering Rain

An old farmhouse in PA that Christine and I discovered on a walk.

During the holiday break I did make of couple of sounds here and there.
Red Chair
and here is the holiday tune that I put together. I don't much care for holiday music, having had a bit to much exposure, so the actual tune may be less than obvious. In fact this is more about process than anything else. I performed each of the 12 days of Christmas as slow as possible and having recorded each one mixed them so the final result is all twelve days of Christmas at once, this a rather nice view of the modern situation now that I sit back and look at it.
12 Nights

This is Washington attempting to cross the Delaware. He in fact failed in this attempt, due to the strong current and was rescued by a a legion of power boats. So it seems that America shall live under the "tyranny" of the British for another year and General Washington and his men can attempt to rectify this reenactment failure on the next Christmas Day. Maybe with the U.S. being a British colony this year the country will act in a more civilized and manner.

Also, during the Fall Quarter I premiered a piece that I wrote last year in the concert that I organized. 3 Here is a recording
Feldman and Webern had a Love Child who wrote this piece
and a picture


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