Sunday, April 19, 2009

micro structure

I have been reading Microsound and extracting and thinking about every sentence that grabs me, that is pretty much every other sentence. My favorite quote of this process so for is from page 108

"It is easy to granulate a sound file and take the results 'as-is.' A more sophisticated strategy is to take the granulation as a starting point . For example, one can create a compound cloud - one with interesting internal evolution - by mixing several granulated sound files."
Mixing is also effective in creating rhythmic structures. When the density of a synchronous cloud is below about 20 Hz, it creates a regular metrical pulse. To create polyrhythmic clouds once can generate several different densities, amplitudes and in different frequency regions to stratify the regions."

This quote embodies so many of the parameters of composition that can be approach on a wide range of time scales. This specific discussion is related to the creation and manipulation of clouds that are 20 - 500 milliseconds long. It also eludes to the discipline and dedication one must put forth in creating great art.

To really appreciate the cover of Microsound, I suggest you stare at this, then back at the cover.


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