Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Night!

Having returned to the working life ala 8-5, I get thrilled when Friday night rolls around. Working for and alcohol distributor, you get good presents for the weekend, well you buy yourself a present but still, they are good. So tonight is supposed to be our "party" and per usual with our Alaska parties, it looks pretty weak, the last one absolutely nobody showed up, I'm thinking we can beat that tonight! But I did get a highly recommended bottle of wine, so I will make an effort to record my thoughts about it once I have finished drinking it. The house is clean and there is a check on the way, how can you go wrong.

So, the strangest thing this week. I was interviewing for a position at the local Starbucks and wouldn't you know there was a wedding happening in the lobby of the Starbucks. That is almost as strange as putting nutmag on your coffee. Yes, five feet from me telling stories about the how I handled a strange situation in my working history two people are getting hitched. It was a pretty small event and in the time it took me to interview for the job, they went through the ritual. I didn't see if they kissed, but I did notice that one of the members of the party was back outside right after the event for a cigarette. How do I communicate what Alaska is like.... Well that is a pretty good start.

Here is what feel like a good Friday Night shot, the Rocket in Fremont at night. Fremont happens to be the center of the universe, although I did see a sculpture in New Mexico that was the center of the universe as well. Imagine that, two universes whose centers have such close proximity.


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