Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Place Where You Go to Listen

This picture has nothing to do with the post other than it connects thematicly, ok, so it connects. I like to think of it as a posibility for this project.
I was flipping through the Anchorage Dailey News today and noticed that John Luther Adams opening of "The Place Where You Go to Listen" tomorrow in Fairbanks made the front page of the arts section. It is a decent description of what JLA has put together and what I really like is that it delves into the incredible simplicity and complexity of the project. It is just making audible the unheard changes of the earth. Actually, I might argue that they are audible, only our hearing apparatus does not allow us to hear the, say slow shifting of tectonic plates. This got me thinking about the type of work that I am interested in, both of others and of myself. I find this "remapping" of the earths and movements into a sound and light canvas fabulously exhilarating. What I think this work points out very effectively (among many other things) is that once we articulate the rhythm's and patterns of the planet in a manner that is geared more toward the our limited sensory range, we are able to comprehend and contemplate just what is going on around us. I am very excited for JLA, this is a wonderful piece and I hope that I can someday replicate the profound and honest question/statement that he is articulating with "The Place Where You go to Listen"


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