Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well I am so thrilled that my birthday is occurring adjacent to those wonderful set of numbers, 01:02:03,04/05/06. We shant see something like this for another year and a month. It will be interesting to link the dots between these days as they occur, what I shall title numerical sequence days, when I get to my death bed, or even before. For this one, all that I can remark is that I went to work, ah Starbucks, and then went for a little tromp through the woods that are adjacent to our backyard. It is nice to get out and snowshoe a bit. I am amazed how out of shape I am. I was talking with this native gentleman who comes into Starbucks every day or so to have a cup of decaf Komodo Dragon. He was thrilled to learn last night that it is a real beasty. He has an interesting story. He lives in Bethel Alaska(400 miles due west of Anchorage), where he is has been working in construction for years and he decided that now that he is getting on in years he should take up something a little less physical. So he moved to Anchorage for the winter to enroll in a computer class. He has found that sitting in front of a computer and not working outside has increased his weight by 15 pounds. I suppose I can take solace in the fact that I am not the only out of shape American.

In my tromp through the woods I encountered two animals. The first was the moose who was lounging in our back yard yesterday, I believe he was munching on some cud, but then I don't know how their digestive system works. None the less he was chillin....

I really enjoy his high fashion 80's collar with metal objects. I find myself reminiscing about the days of big hair and heroin-thinned models with loud make-up and really tight leather. Ah youth...

After our little encounter, at which point I went way out of my way, not to be in his space, I kept treckin on for a while and after stopping to snap some pictures, which are no good, there was a white rabbit that shot out from under a bush and across the snow. He was just starting to turn dark around the bottom, a sign that spring is here. Horay for my favorite season.


Blogger rarrin' said...

Moose are indeed ruminant animals, meaning they have the 4 stomach structure which allows them to chew on cuds. The rumen is much like a large fermentation vat, I guess making cuds is a lot like making beer or cheese. Then the cud (after chewed) will end up in the obomasum which is the "true stomach" and does the type of digesting that we are accustom to.
I guess animal science and disecting sheep in college came in handy. Did you know that sheep are a ruminant animal as well? Now you are oh so much smarter!

4/05/2006 06:03:00 PM  

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