Friday, April 28, 2006

avant sounds

Well Nathan's feed of the Hype machine got me into the searching mode. And I wandered off into that space of the web where strange things happen and I came across an amazing record label site, via tactus There are a pile of CC material as well as great Avant Garde tracks.

What I got hooked into is an album by K.M. Krebs. It is really sublime. The website has a blurb that reads
with motifs played out cyclically and repetitively, rather than progressively, in order to induce a relaxed state.

This is a fabulous concept to try and wrap my grey matter around. Mind you I was just reading a tutorial on acoustic waves (quite worthwhile) so I am overlapping the ideas and imaging how I might wrap that up in a piece. I get the sense that Cage would have despised something so artificial and so predictable. Then I roll around the perfection that is inherent, in such electronically exact music and contrast that with the imperfection of the acoustic setting, ie. I am sitting in a room listening (not to rip off Lucier!) and the sound waves are being effected by the air quality, the shifting electrical currents in my brain, the disruptions of the sound waves by sound waves emitted by me, my chair, not to mention the house...(etc.) So complex and yet so simple. I really like that duality, it is so engaging. A large range of variables; both electronic and biological. I almost want to sit and pluck a string, one simple string over and over. Or even better, generate a sine tone and listen. Really, listen.


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What is wrong with Christine? Is she too good to have a blog? Does she feel that blogging is above her? I don't know, I am disappointed :(

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