Saturday, April 01, 2006


So here is a shot of the new horizon, or maybe more exactly the new view. This is the wetland area that leads into the forrest behind our new abode. This setting has allowed the most intimate moose viewing that I have ever encountered. We got home from work one day to see a moma moose napping while baby moose walked about eating shrubbery. They walk within 2 feet of our window, when the light is better I will get a good shot.

The other new horizon that has appeared is the Santa Barbara. This is where I will be going to school to achieve my Composition PhD. I am really excited to continue my artistic journey and at the opportunity to get schooled in the particulars of electronic music. As if that weren't enough my brother and his family will be right down the road in San Diego and my parents and the JR's are talking about moving out west! How exciting. I never imagined that I would be so close to LA and have had time in BOS as well. Funny how as life goes on I have more and more wonderful opportunities.

In addition to the fabulous music and CREATE facility I am really siked at the ecological conscious that I am discovering in CA. I found this project yesterday called Invisible 5 and while it is depressing to learn about what a terrible plight the man race is, I am happy to see this sort of work and realize that I am perfectly positioned to undertake such projects. UCSB has a school of ecological studies that seems to pervade many of the other departments.

As JR pointed out change is a powerful and important force in life. I am more and more convinced that all change is good, it is only the lens of the beholder that allows negative contextualization. Of course, I am one of the few humans who has not experienced the horrors of genocide and war etc. So I may not have all of the facts per say. None the less change is powerful and continuous and I hope that I have the ability to continually see the good in what comes my way.


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