Tuesday, May 09, 2006

houses etc.

The Native Americans were here first and unlike many other places in this country there is still evidence of that. Above is a carving that is on the side of the town hall.
The town of Wrangell is quite typical of southeast AK, it rains on and off almost every hour, which means you see the sun and the rain every hour. The Tongass National forest encompases some of the land here and it is the largest Spring gathering of Bald Eagles, I suppose that is why I have seen so many as of late. One of the main industries is fishing and it seems that they are staged to creae a tourist industry, currently there are few cruise ships that stop here. It is really quite gorgeous and quite sleepy, for instance everything closes on Sunday, well not the bars and everyone has a post box or gets their mail General Delivery, Wrangell, AK 99929. On a stroll today I snapped a couple of pics so as to provide the flavor. I should not that I am currently listening to the local radio station, 101.7 KSTK which is playing Rod Stewart, previously there was Boston and there was country on this AM.

This is the signpost letting you know where all of the local points of interest are, sorta lets you get your bearings as it were.

I have yet to figure out what this building is, but I like it and it looks like they have a nice barbi!

I should point out that in honor of the Salmon and the skillful people that trick them into leaving their watery home there is Derby this weekend!!! You can bet on me being there with camera and audio recording equipment!

Located one street over from Reed, where we are located, there is a curious little shop and this the diorama that is on the outside of the building.

Finally, here are some of the houses around the neighborhood.

This second shot really shows how dynamic the mountains are here. Apparently there are a lot of trails and remote lakes, I am planning to head over to the Library and get the scoop.

And to end my blog, the radio is playin "Money for Nothing" CLASSIC!!!!The first computer anime video that I rememeber. This one goes out to Ray, the only teacher that I ever had that interupted his lecture in order to turn up the guitar solo at the begining of this tune! It obviously made an impact on me and artist/educator stepping aside to observe and highliight something that he aestheticly values.


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