Thursday, May 11, 2006

playlist 10-11-06

The audio is located there so open it in another window and listen while you read. I will endeavor to learn how to imbed an audio player in my blog for later posts. I should note that I only began recording with the Coltrane and it is a little hot, well ok a lot so forgive the distortion or just move forward a bit, it gets better.
A common adage amoung performers is "train wreck" Well I can't have one of those here in a fishing Village, but I ceretainly can have a boat wreck!!

Of course, my computer would not boot for the entirety of the show, but the moment I get home, BING! Well, I improvised, what had a been a carefully, well somewhat, scripted program was a complete improv... None the less, LovelyWeather Radio, radio that is like the weather in that you don't know what will happen, but something will happen, did go on. Here is the playlist....

1. Grateful Dead - anthem of the sun - alligator
2. Thelonius Monk - Monk Alone - Round Midnight
3. Pablo Casals - Bach Tocatta in C
4. John Coltrane - The Impulse Years - Offering
5. Orchestre National de Barbes - Sawye & Hagda
6. F'n Chopin - A. Rubenstein - Waltz No. 3 a minor
7. John Cage - 59 1/2 seconds for string player
8. Feldman - Intersections IV
9. Yun - Glissees 3rd mvmnt (7-9 were off of a Gaudeamus collection)
10. September in the Rain -Mood Music for Listening and Relaxation - A readers digest series.
11. F Zappa - Camillo Birello (whatever album that is on)
12. Jam Station jingles - Why you should choose Jam Station Jingles
13. Polka Party - Beer barrel Polka
14. Cars - You Might Think I'm Crazy, It's not the night & Why Can't I have you
15. John Adams (after talking about JLA I go and play the wrong Adams!!!! - I did 2 push-ups on air to atone for my sins!) Naive and Sentimental Music
16. Harry Burtwistle - 5 Distances for 5 Instruments & White Light from 3 settings of Celan
17. Tangerine Dream - Stratosphere off of Stratosphere
18. Herbie Hancock - Butterfly - off of Thrust
19. The Brothers Four - The Damsel's Lament off of their self titled album
20. Duran Duran - is there something I should Know - Arena
21. Bonnie Raitt - Woman Be wise - self titled album
22. Bach - Adagio from the F maj Brandenburg Concerto - Switched on Brandenburg
23. Stevie Wonder - You Haven't done nothing - fulfillingness Final Fantasy

It should be noted that somewhere in the middle of this, I forget now, I read several of the Ammendments to the Constitution.

There was a good deal of shouting and lots o fun. I will get some audion up as soon as I can fugure it out.

Amoung a million other things that I didn't get to play... ox


Blogger rarrin' said...

Computer's always seem to fail when you need them the most, or perhaps Alaska was not ready for the musical stylings of Topher. Regardless, I would like to here the audio track and furthermore, do you get a second chance? Sounds like it was a good time, look forward to listening.

5/11/2006 08:32:00 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Hey, nice selections considering! I love the John Adams piece you played. BTW, the Santa Fe New Music is playing a J Luther Adams piece on the HEar and Now recital we are doing in Santa Fe this summer. August Voices from songbirdsongs.

give the ole puter a kick in the ass!

5/11/2006 11:47:00 AM  
Blogger rarrin' said...

KSTK is lucky to have you! Have enjoyed the show 3 times now as everyone listens to it when they are at my house. Not sure if I gave them a choice but there were many giggles. What a polka party it was! I even got a nice 5 minute nap during the relaxtion segment.

5/12/2006 05:44:00 PM  
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