Thursday, May 04, 2006


1. snapshots
Yesterday was my final day at Starbucks and I have to report that I came away from the experience liking the place far more than when I started there. The people were great and I shall treasure those that I have met. The exorbitant amount of sugar and all the other fatty drinks?? I'm to much of an iced americano, person for that.

As I said, the people are what make it great, many of them were my coworkers but what I really loved was the drive-through microphone. Last night I informed the Channel 13 weather lady, that she was sitting in the rain and that withstanding, I would still make a drink for her. She was thrilled because she had predicted it! We spent some time talking about weather and lovelyweather it was wonderful. After that I sang the ABC's with a kindergarten teacher and she informed me that the letter of the day was letter R. I asked her if she had alphabet blow up dolls, she took the wrong way and then I informed her that I was referring to a series of inflatable characters that represented the alphabet. She thought that was pretty cool. And those were just two of my customers.

Today, I have spent the day wrapping up my keyboard. When I took it to FedEx, it weighed in at 92 pounds. You can imagine what fin it was to lift it. It looks like I will need to buy my brother a very big beer when I get to San Diego! There it stands. Now to finish packing and get ready for the big drive tommorow I guess that's a wrap!


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