Sunday, June 11, 2006

KSTK 6.7.06

So I was really excited by the occurance of 6.6.06 so I wrote a new piece in honor of it which I perform LIVE on air, during this show. The other highlight of this week is my finding the wierd record section. There were so many interesting things and such covers! Here are some of the album covers.

I appologize for missing the opening audio. Here is the playlist....
audio segment 1
1. "Improvisation" > Robert Prince & his Orchestra from The Cool Scene
2. "Cult of Personlity" > Living Color
3. "Action at a Distance" > Matmos
4. "Bitches Brew" > Miles Davis, The Complete B.B. sessions
talking > Miles continues
5. "Boogie Woogie Amputee" > Barnes and Barnes from Rhino's Worlds Worst Albums
6. "Rokudan no Shirabe" > Traditional Japanese
7. "Gravity" > James Brown
8. "Silence Kit" > Pavement
9. "Heart Attack and Vine" > Tom Waitts
10. "String Quartet No. 3 - avec une grande tendresse (dolcissimo)" > Giacinto Scelsi
audio segment 2
11. "String Quartet No. 3 - l'appel de l'esprit: dualisme, ambivalence, conflit (drammatico)" > Giacinto Scelsi
talking> The memory years 1925-1960: A Readers Digest collection
12. "Undercover Lover" > Jose Wales

13. "Shock the Monkey" > Peter Gabriel :: See Greenpeace Album cover

talking>" Welcome to my World" > The Great Songs with a Folk Country Accent
14. "Balance" > Acrobatic
audio segment 3
15. traditional music - some dude gets down saying things I don't know > Arabic
16. "Africa" > Toto
17. "Prophetiae Sibyllarum Sibylla delphica" > Lassus
18. "Prophetiae Sibyllarum Sibylla Cimmeria" > Lassus
19. "The New Year" > Death Cab for Cutie
talking >"All Night Long" > The Charlie Daniels Band
20. Some childrens song from a Japanesse Album > All about Childrens Song
audio segment 4
21. DJ Shadow
22. "calling all nations" >Inxs > Kick album - see photo of the album cover, notice the Gator skatboard, with a fat tailguard!

23. "Jewish Princes" > Frank Zappa from Sheik Yerbouti
24. "Watermelon Man" (Alt. Take) > Herbie Hancock from Takin' Off
audio segment 5
25. "6.6.06"> C.Jette
26. "Double Speak" > Ohmae
audio segment 6
27. "Hawaii e You" > Carlinhqs Brown from Omelete Man
28. "You And Whose Army?" > Radiohead from Amnesiac
29. "Stop Making Sense" > Talking Heads
30. "Girlfriend Better Than That" > Talking Heads
31. "Boogie on Reggae Woman" > Stevie Wonder
32. "Don't Panic" > Coldplay
audio segment 7
33. "Belly Button Window" > Jimi Hendrix
audio segment 8
34. "The Art Teacher" > Rufus Wainwright


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