Friday, July 17, 2009

Space Frontier

So it appears that on July 20, 2009, we will be celebrating 40 years since the first manned landing on the moon. It would have been nice to have scene this footage when it happened, but, it is even nicer to live in an age where people are discussing taking a ride in space for fun and are not looked at like they are insane.

It does make me think about those little green men and all that they have meant to the popular psyche. Having not read much about this subject before I started here and really enjoyed the read. It is interesting to me how much of the jargon was familiar, having just completed a Star Trek marathon in our household.

This is a great diagram of the Space Race, which it seems ended the year that I was born. Would that make me the prize for the winners? Possibly, possibly not.

On the more domestic side of space...

I love looking through this 1957 conception of now to see what is and is not there. The styling of the interior is fabulous. Some things are dead on; father is watching a TV (flat screen wall mount) that proudly displays the channel number and what appears to be an advert or atleast a product placement, gotta love advertising. The daughter is discussing clothing on what appears to be an IMAC. The layout of the room is so squared off and the floor plan is almost exactly that of our last apartment. Oh, and the large blue bag on the floor in the kitchen, it has a little green bag sticking out of the top and the lettering appears to read "D##t"..... DIET?

Oh, and moving in space? Yeah, if I go to the moon I will likely bring my sofa.


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