Sunday, August 30, 2009

Luc Ferrarri made this statement about listening which I find very profound.

The wise and poetic French composer Luc Ferrari (Ferrari, 1991), while walking in the streets of Paris, reminded me that "one has to learn to recognise sounds on top of each other. In relation to each other, that it to say in layers and this can be learned by the sensitivity that we develop and by awareness."

from Schryer 1998

This statement resonates on a compositional, listening and life level for me. I can begin to identify the layers that are intertwined and woven to construct my reality. Identifying each thread of a Persian rug... an intriguing metaphor.

A great quote form Schryer in this same text is,
I want to use the wind as a verb, water as a noun, the beep of a truck as an adjective and silence as a comma. I want to conjugate noise in the future and in the past and bring the listener inside a story, space, experience or sensation, with or without words and perhaps also, with or without music.

When I first read this I thought he meant a the wind as a reverb. Interesting notion. But upon rereading I changed my understanding and rather like this notion of articulation with and about sound.


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