Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nebraska Day 2

The day began with a long needed rest. Yesterday was a 20 hour day so sleeping in felt all the better. After breakfast we were taken on a a tour of Nebraska City, which has a lot of the things that make the midwest a great place, the core of which is a group of people who love and have a deep pride in where they live.

I was able to make a good deal of progress on my composition work. It still feels strange to have a full day in which I can create. I remember years ago I was compelled to work as often as I could, where-as recently I have felt that I have a standard to achieve. The crickets chirping and the expanses of grass and the earth slowly dissolving the plans of man is calming me.

I have been pondering the difference between the mediums of sound and light throughout the day. They seem so different in their constitution, so when working with them I expect there to be such a large difference. I can not help but be struck by the similarity of approach that I assume. Possibly I am noticing something about myself, that has nothing to do with the materials themselves. After working with sound for hours I went for a stroll as the light was at it's finest and this is what I found.


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