Tuesday, September 22, 2009

some work and some play

I got my life back in order today after a week of holiday. Kayaking Tomales Bay was spectacular, the highlight being either the stars or the paddle up to grilled Oysters.

Today I completed the first assemblage of the viola piece that I have been at for over a year. That felt amazing! Now to get together with Shannon and shape it into a full on piece.

This afternoon I made some bread and this evening I finished up a little project of audio processing video. The story goes that I made a sound file by drawing each sample by hand and then reworking it a bit. I then took an Impulse Response that I like and made 3 different versions of it by granulating it. The point of this was the repitch the grains of the IR and spread it out in a different fashion. I then played the sound file through the 3 different Convolution Reverbs and scripted the quantity of each of the three and the amount of dry.
This is what it looks like. (Yellow = dry, Orange = Reverb 1 etc)

I played this for Christine and she noted that when she saw the playback in Logic it made more sense to her. This made sense to me, so I thought why not map the quantities to elements of a video. The result is a combination of a video that I shot while in Nebraska this summer (looking into the water of the Missouri river), where the Red, Green, Blue and Overall Brightness is controlled by the amplitude of each track.
Here is the video.

Waiting for the star show and watching the world spin.


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