Thursday, December 03, 2009

960 650

I discovered the work of Mattia Casalegno this morning, here is a representative video.

I enjoy the statement on the lead page of his website where he provides his definitions of information, biology and ecology as a point of departure for his work.
Information (in-forms, to give form)
Biology (bio-logos, discourse on living)
Ecology (in the batesonian term) --- I had no clear idea of who Gregory Bateson was, so I looked him up. Which lead to several happy things.
1. This interesting paper on the undertaking of a dissertation by Murial Singer.
2. The discovery of Steps to an Ecology of Mind which has now entered the reading list.
3. Turns out Bateson moved to Palo Alto. So I read the wiki article for p alt
While John Chowning's work at Stanford is certainly an important step in electronic music history, it is really interesting to note
The Lee DeForest laboratory site, situated at 218 Channing, is a California Historical Landmark recognizing DeForest's 1911 invention of the vacuum tube and electronic oscillator at that location.

That sounds to me like the birthplace of electronic music, at least of the analog variety. I suppose I should be more accurate and say the technology that enabled electronic music. I knew there was something that I liked about living on Channing.

Something that has always struck my mind about this place is that p and alt are keys on the computer keyboard. 960 is the ascii both for both of these pressed simultaneously, 112 for just the p. To bad the area code is 650.


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