Tuesday, December 01, 2009

some together now

The above picture is from the LovelyWeather Project... more to come on that later, but I find it rather pleasing.

This is a audio snapshot of the audio that will accompany the piano. It is being generated in real time from a sound library that I created. This version is faked a bit as the real piece will rely on data from the performer for amplitude shifts of the streams.
2 parts mixed

And here is some of the piano (all-be-it VERY ROUGH) that will be mixed with the above streams of audio. I am in the process of shaping and blending it. Finally working with this stuff in a fashion with less attention to the notes and more toward the larger shape. Need to shape the rhythms a bit more, but the overall gesture is rather in place.

The pitch material for this track is from the stream of audio (above) that sounds like piano notes (after all, they are piano notes).

The pitch material here is derived from knocking the piano. This is the other audio stream in the above mix.


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