Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TINK TONK n some

The piano and wii remote piece has been rapidly advancing. The beta patch went to Keith this AM and I was thinking about how to make a recording of the piece and it dawned on me that the controller data could be streamed via OSC over the internet! I was looking into this and got sidetracked by the OSC page. This is a great distraction! I discovered a whole host of things including this video.

"Click for details" by Alessandro Perini (web version) from Alessandro Perini on Vimeo.

While I like the core idea I find that the composition is somehow lacking. The beginning is very strong in suggesting a wide range of spaces, but as the piece progresses, the large points of articulation do not relate to what I had considered the more intriguing material. Rather, there is a sort of giving over to the possibilities of saturation. While this is an interesting space in and of itself, it is not the same space as the opening and for me, constitutes the justification of a separate movement. Wow, I think that is the first time that I articulated the desire for something that I have long held to be a rather outdated and often inappropriately applied convention. Still, I find this piece has merit in the material and several of the points of the manner of execution.

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