Friday, August 06, 2010

Joe Tempeltin

Joe Templeton's Dodge Ram pickup had been parked on dry land until James River left the banks to flood low-lying areas of Galena in March 2008. Photo by Junior Warren

Joes Lament

The music of Joe Tempeltin is the folk music of another race, that which Joe is a member of and you are not. The melodic and harmonic constructs are unique to this part of the universe. Notice how the voice achieves an almost digital effect through vocal tract granulation, an effect not unlike the vibrato of humans of the planet earth. Joe's AX or musical instrument is a very old and storied one reaching back into the distant and remote past of his people, in his corner of the universe. Joe is a master of expression in this his instrument and his output represents a very conservative and refined form of song, which tightly adheres to the rules of song established by the progenitors of the style.


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