Friday, June 22, 2012

Violin/Feedback Improvs

This image works for these recordings. It has been a while since I have made posted something I made. I was doing some experiments with a bit of SuperCollider Code for feedback and violin this today. Some great moments in there. The delay creates a great harmonization and loop depending on the volume of the input. This is the SC code
( play {        var delay = 0.01;, delay*2, delay + (,1000,\exponential))*,delay))); }; ) // You all know what the violin source code is, so I won't post it.
Funny part about it, sometimes got stuck in the loop and I could not hear it until I listen back to the recording. Maybe it is best to call this improvised chamber music, the computer code did not know what amplitude and frequencies I would provide and I did not know how it would react. I love dynamic systems. vlnFdbk1 vlnFdbk2


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